Informed Consent Statement

You are being invited to participate in a workshop about enabling pathways for water/wastewater utilities to contribute to a renewable energy future. This workshop is being funded by the Water Research Foundation.

Your part in the workshop

We would like to test our understanding of current energy policies affecting distributed energy resource (DER) project development by learning from you about experiences and knowledge on opportunities to successfully implement DER projects, specifically enabling bioenergy and solar energy opportunities, to consolidate lessons, best practices, and research outcomes into next steps to improve and increase success in working within the legal, regulatory and policy frameworks around DER. By participating in the workshop you are giving your consent to collect your opinions about these topics.

Your participation is voluntary

Your participation is voluntary and you have the right to refuse to participate in any portion of the workshop activities. If you decide to participate, you may still choose to withdraw from the workshop at any time without any negative consequences. There are no foreseeable risks to you in participating in this workshop.

Measures to maintain confidentiality

Any information that is obtained during this workshop will be kept confidential, to the full extent provided.

Only summary data will be provided to the Water Research Foundation for publication in a final report and presented as themes, not identifiable to a given organization or individual. Opinions or statements that may identify you or your organization will be held confidential until they are reviewed by you and approved for release and publication. You may also request to withdrawal your data or portions of your data from the report prior to the release of the final report. You will be entitled to receive a copy of the final report and we will confirm your approval to release your data prior to releasing the study results to the Water Research Foundation.